Business is a changing landscape. Properly implemented technology can provide a competitive advantage. That's where Catlin Enterprises can help. Catlin Enterprises provides IT consultants who have proven track records of understanding, explaining and implementing IT that has measurable results. Technology needs processes and systems to enable the advantages it brings. Catlin can help develop the systems to utilize those advantages.

Information Security

Today more then ever there is a need to protect information systems. This can range from one's web server to the information systems that are the very underpinnings of a business. Catlin Enterprises specializes in the protection of your IT systems by focusing on the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of your Information Systems. in the business environment.


A number of regulatory requirements, such as GLB and HIPAA, have increased the focus on privacy issues in the work place. Catlin Enterprises recognizes this emerging business need. We specialize in simplifying and customizing privacy needs to fit your unique business.