Retainer Services

There are strong business drivers that require information security to be dealt with in day-to-day operations.

For most clients it is not cost effective to keep senior Information Security talent on staff. Catlin Enterprises provides a way to pay only for the service needed. With Catlin Enterprises on retainer to participate in meetings and be available for consultation a greater degree of program continuity is maintained then traditional out-sourced consulting. This is also a significant cost saving over hiring additional staff.

Catlin Enterprises retainer service is a cost effective way to augment Information Technology and Information Security functions. For a flat fee Catlin Enterprises can provide five (5) to fifteen (15) hours a week to participate in meetings and be available for consultation.

There are two business drivers that make Catlin Enterprises retainer service more attractive then adding another full time employ or out-sourcing for project based work

1. Having someone on retainer cost significantly less then hiring a fulltime employee

2. Maintaining a consultant on retainer to take meetings provides for a greater degree of program and project continuity than traditional project based consulting. Other firms engage and leave. If you are lucky they leave behind some sort of knowledge transfer. Catlin Enterprises not only stays to help you deal with the dynamic changing business environment but it also does so in a way that is very cost effective.