Project Based Consulting

The following business case study shows how Catlin Enterprises is a cheaper solution then hiring full time staff. Coupled with Catlin Enterprises retainer service this is a Powerful tool that is more effective for operations than traditional project based consultants.

* The real value is only services used are paid for. This allows for maintaining program continuity and support without having paying unnecessary cost. This leads to even greater cost avoidances.

The actual cost avoidance in this case study would be far greater for most clients. This is because except for the retainer only the services used are billed. In most cases it is not necessary to keep high-end Information Security talent on full time staff and it is expensive to do so. Catlin Enterprises offers a way to only pay for the service needed. If continuity is an issue then a consultant can be kept on retainer for five (5) to fifteen (15) hours a week to take meetings and be available for consultation. Because of this a higher degree of program and project continuity is maintained than would be possible with traditional out-source consulting solutions.